The Bob Christian Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award was established in 2006 during the school’s 40th Anniversary to recognize the tremendous service of Bob Christian, the first Head of School for HKIS. The award is presented annually to the Alumnus/Alumna making a significant contribution to the HKIS community, their local community or the broader community of which they are a part of and bettering the lives of those around them while embodying the HKIS mission and our Student Learning Results.

I want to thank HKIS for giving me this award but more importantly for being such a big force in my life and for giving me an opportunity to share with great purpose... For those of you who are recognized for your service and academic excellence, keep doing what you are doing. Lead by example.

Derek Kwik '86, Bob Christian Alum of the Year Award Recipient 2023


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